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Jul 2015
EXERCISE? SUGAR? What should we believe about tackling the obesity crisis?

The latest is that exercise will cure all ills. Certainly if you look at the human body it was actually designed to move yet we sit in offices, in front of televisions and computers and we know that sitting for long periods of time reduces blood flow in the main arteries in our legs and can increase blood pressure. In America they have developed an initiative called

‘Exercise is medicine’ and healthcare professionals are checking levels of physical activity when patients visit clinics and then a particular exercise regime is ‘prescribed’.

This has led to some loss of weight and better diabetic control. In the UK, the NHS can offer in some cases free access to gyms but the question is how do you stimulate people to use this opportunity and keep moving for life? Since you would have to take many medicines to mimic the benefits of exercise it seems an easy choice.

Not all exercise is right for an individual. Going to a gym particularly if you feel you are overweight is sometimes not an attractive option. I think, first of all you need to enjoy exercise. Going to a Zumba class or running round the block will suit some but what about exercising in your own home especially if you don’t have time? I have researched a way of getting fit in a very short time and have written about it in my booklet ‘The 7 Big Mistakes in not Maintaining a healthy weight’. You can get a copy atwww.newlifehealtcare.co.uk

The other big thing at the moment beside exercise is reducing sugar. It’s the ‘free sugar’ they are talking about and that’s the sugar you get in e.g. a can of cola-about 36G which is already over our daily limit of 30G. One of the things I found interesting reading about it was that even a pasta sauce could contain 3 teaspoons of sugar. Getting these ‘hidden sugars’ out of the diet by carefully reading labels could mean you’ve got room for the odd treat without putting on weight or indeed affecting your health. Type 2 diabetes is rising at an alarming rate.

Alkalising your diet can mean that you lose your ‘sweet tooth‘ and again you can find information onwww.newlifehealthcare.co.uk

Increasing exercise and reducing our sugar intake could make a big difference to our health and ultimately quality of life.

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